Lotus Lumiere

After I graduated from university back in Montreal, I went traveling around the world for three years, discovering South-East Asia, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Europe and found myself dancing as a Fire Dancer for Cirque Eloize and Cirque du Soleil for their special events when I went back home.


No matter where I traveled to, I always made sure to visit a spa and make time for self-care. My love for spas, traveling and learning as much as I could about energy medicine and the sciences of the healing arts and natural beauty, have lead me to where I am today with Lotus Lumière. 


The first time I experienced my hands doing some sort of miraculous healing was in Amsterdam while I was on a trip with my friend Amelia. She had complaints about something hurting in her foot and so I offered to massage it. We both had our eyes closed and I wasn’t thinking, just feeling, when suddenly I felt my hands pulling something out of her foot. Something sticky and invisible came out of her foot. We both opened our eyes in shock. She had felt it too. And her pain went away.  I'll never forget how amazed we both were by what had just happened. 

Now based in Vancouver, I am certified in:


  • Sculptural Face Lifting Massage

  • Facial Gua Sha Technique

  • Psch-K

  • Body Talk Access

  • Bowen Therapy

  • Therapeutic Touch

  • Tantra Yoga + other things

Essential Oils and Candle

What excites me the most is when I see the difference after each facial. The energetic shift in the room that takes place during the treatment as well as the glow in each client's face is what continues to fuel my passion for doing what I do. Each time there are layers that have peeled off the person. The work that we do together is cumulative. With each session, more of your Signature Beauty Essence is revealed.


Strathcona in Vancouver, BC


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Lotus Lumière

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Image by Kyle Cottrell


“I am SO fortunate to have heard about Lotus through a good friend of mine who is interested in alternative skin treatments. My skin is often very sensitive to chemicals and products so it can be hard to find gentle products that really make a difference to my complexion. Being from Australia, I find the seasons in Vancouver challenging for my skin and really dry me out. Also wearing various make-up products for long hours whilst filming, and now wearing masks (PPE), cause me to break out. Working with Lotus has been such a gift - her studio is so grounding and welcoming, and her passion for her work is evident right from first meeting her. Lotus Lumiere's treatments are totally unique - her facial gua sha (massage technique) boosts blood circulation and brightens my complexion. The natural oils she uses are gentle but also invigorating for my skin and senses. I leave her studio feeling uplifted and really glowing from the inside (cheesy but TRUE!). Lotus is such an inspiring lady and even spending a few moments with her helps me to relax and centre. She is simply wonderful!” - Hannah Levien