The Natural Facelift Gua Sha Treatment

The Natural Facelift Gua ShaTreatment is a unique and holistic integrative approach to facial treatments that combines natural facelift and sculpting massage techniques, Gua Sha and PSCH-K/BodyTalk Access to improve and uplift your wellbeing and life while caring for your face and skin. All products used are carefully chosen, natural, and as organic as possible, without harsh chemicals. 


This completely natural facelift and sculpting treatment uses an intentional nurturing facial massage technique to restore muscle tone, skin luminosity, firmness, vitality, and stimulates blood flow, boost collagen and elastin, drains lymphatic fluids to reduce puffiness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promotes a brighter complexion and relieves jaw tension leaving you feeling your most radiant, looking younger and feeling better. 


This treatment includes the buccal massage, the famous “mouth massage” that Meghan Markle swears by. It is particularly helpful at targeting skin issues near the mouth like nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and jowls. 


Also included is a delicious tension-releasing and soothing neck and scalp massage and is designed to induce deep states of relaxation, allowing the body’s innate healing ability to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole; restoring, regenerating, and replenishing itself. Allow your body to sink into that parasympathetic nervous system, rest, and repair. Drift off into a dream state of bliss and deep relaxation.

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Lotus Lumière

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“I have never felt so cared for in any treatment I've invested in. Lotus took my body and spirit to another place. I felt the tension, stress, and stagnant energy melting and dissolving from my jaw, face, shoulders, feet...I am going to integrate and sit with it some more as I had some visions and messages come through. Not only that - my skin looks so plump, tight, bright and actually feels different than when I arrived.” - Jenn River

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